Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

You have probably heard the old bit where people say they ran into the grocery store for milk and eggs and come out spending $100, or sometimes worse, they spent a $100 and only have a couple grocery bags to show for it.  No matter the case, it can take strategy to go grocery shopping, getting what you need.  Make sure you stick to your list, and never leave the house on an empty stomach, otherwise you could be making impulse purchases that will hurt your bank account, and most likely your waistline.

Don’t Forget Your Shopper’s Reward Card

It may seem like a gimmick to use your shopper’s reward card in that they just raise the regular prices of the items and make the item cheaper if you use your card.  Well that may be true, and I guess I can say, why pay full price then.  In addition to sale items, you can also take advantage of 10 for $10 sales, plus the promotion that takes a little more planning out, where you buy 5 items with say, a blue sale sticker, and you can get additional money off.

Choose the Store Brand

These days, you can find just as much quality, organic, and premium products with the store brand than you can the name brand, so why spend the extra money on a brand you know instead of a product where you won’t be able to tell the difference, and may actually be better.  You will see the store brand products on sale for even extra incentive.

Shop During the Week

Grocery stores are packed on the weekends no matter what, so why would stores need to put any additional sales on to get even more people in the stores when the parking lots are full anyways.  If you go on the right day, typically in the middle of the week, I have noticed many more of the promos being available then they would on the weekend, so if you can get a list together and go after work, even after dinner being the best time to go, you will hardly see a soul in the store and you can zip through the aisles and the checkout without any crowds slowing you down.  Just keep in mind, if they do get a rush, there might only be register or two open, but the amount of savings will make up for an extra few minutes.

Check the Clearance Rack

Just because the item is on clearance, doesn’t necessarily mean it is rotten.  If you go by the meat section, you can find a “manager special” that has been reduced because it is expiring that day or the next, but if you were going shopping for tonight’s dinner anyways, what’s the big deal when you can grill it that night at a reduced price.  Other non-perishable items may just be reduced based on the season, even though they could be far from reaching their expiration date.  Either way, don’t let the clearance scare you away on great products for less.

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