Treating Yourself to a Visit to Paradise

It’s easier to scrimp and save when there’s a goal in mind, wouldn’t you think? For some, the idea of being financially independent and debt-free is enough, while others have more imaginative ideals for life.

Travel has been voted as the #1 thing that Americans like spending their disposable income on annually year after year.  For many, after paying off their debts, the first thing they want to use their savings on is a vacation or a life-changing trip to a memorable destination like Africa, Thailand, or Italy. The vision of paradise and adventure is all the motivation they need in the back of their minds as they trim the fat on their daily expenses.

Once you reach your financial goals, here are some ideas for trip to satisfy your thirst for adventure:

Caribbean Tropical Paradise

Most of us would consider our lives to be relatively chaotic, and a little rest and relaxation is something we can’t seem to find time for often. That’s why a luxury villa rental in Turks and Caicos can literally be a dream come true. A private pool, high-end accommodations looking over the endless, white beach, and dedicated staff available for all your needs will make coming back to reality difficult. However, while you are there, you’ll find that you will be pinching yourself to confirm that this can indeed be real life. For those who want to enjoy the tropical breezes in a more affordable setting, an all-inclusive resort can be an incredible option, both in terms of value and all the amazing perks.

Old World Tour of Europe

Living in the Western Hemisphere, its’ easy to become fascinated with what we are missing on the other side of the world. The ancient history of Europe, its rich culture, and varied geography makes it an ideal destination for those who want to taste the best gelato, visit the best museums, and understand the context of world politics and classical European literature. Choose to travel by plane, train, car, boat, or a combination, depending on what kind of flavor you would like to impart on this adventure of a lifetime.

African Safari

Those who have experienced a genuine African safari say that there’s no going back. You are changed forever as you see with your own eyes the power and majesty of the wildlife that the savanna offers those who choose to explore it. From lions, to zebras, gazelles, giraffes, and elephants, these stereotypical zoo animals are yours to observe in their natural element and habitat, rather than behind some small enclosure. While on the continent of Africa, take the opportunity to explore the incredible landforms and natural phenomenon only found in this part of the world.

Wild New Zealand

If you think your office job is permanently numbing your mind and you need the shock of extreme adventure to wake you out of this coma, a trip to New Zealand might be the buzz you’ve been craving. Whether you decide to white water raft, rappel off of incredible green cliffs, or climb the lush mountains that seem too beautiful to be real, your adrenaline will be pumping the entire time. Learn to paraglide, try bungee jumping, or do your scuba certifications and dive along the coast. Green, lush, and beautiful, those who have traveled to New Zealand often have a hard time believing that the trip actually happened.

American Road Trip

Maybe you’ve spent the bulk of your life in the same small town or city, and now you are looking to get a better understanding of your country with all of its intricacies. Pack the family into the car or rent an RV and start driving! There are many interesting itineraries and recommended routes, or just grab a map and plan your own! It’s a great way to bond with the family while taking advantage of what your own country has to offer. You’ll return home with a new appreciation for the culture you are a part of.

Even if you are relatively far from achieving your financial goals, dreaming of a trip can actually be a very effective way of motivating yourself and your family to sticking to your savings plan. The options we presented might seem a little far-fetched, but you only get one life and that’s when a “trip of a lifetime” is supposed to occur!

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