Simple Ways to Trim a Few Bucks Off the Monthly Expenses

It can be difficult to hold down a successful budget as previously mentioned, but really to reduce unnecessary expenses is how you are going to free up extra money every month to towards paying off debt and building your savings for the future.  Sure, you can say it’s easy to avoid going out to eat a few times or going clothes shopping, but there could be other areas that you can dig a little deeper that if you make a few changes, could save you substantial money throughout the year.

Reduce Drafts that Cost You Money

No matter if it is the coldest part of winter or the hottest in summer, if your home is not properly insulated you could be wasting money on your utility bills.  If you notice them kicking on a little too often, it is a good idea to check your home for drafts.  First you can check electrical outlets that share an outside wall and see if you can feel a draft (easier in the winter), that you can fill with foam behind the wall plate, or even plugging up the outlet with a baby-proof plug insert.  From there you can check to be sure doors and windows are properly sealed so that you can maximize your utilities without paying extra.

Have a Grocery Shopping Game Plan

Going to the grocery store can be overwhelming, which is why you always hear about running in for milk and eggs and coming out with $100 worth of bags.  These impulse purchases can significantly add to your monthly food budget, so it is a good idea to make a grocery shopping list and stick to it.  Keep your head down to your list in the store and keep your eye on the prize, without going up and down every aisle, which could easily distract you.  Oh, and another thing, never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

Hook Up a Rain Barrel

May is a great time to start planting flowers, and ensuring that they grow to their best is giving plenty of water.  By hooking up a rain barrel that attaches to your gutter, you can collect rain water instead of just running off into the ground or into the sewer system.  You would be surprised how quickly the rain barrel can fill up, giving you plenty of free water to keep your flowers and garden plenty healthy during the summer months that will eat up water quickly.

Grow Fresh from the Garden

Now that the weather is staying warm for good (hopefully) and your plants and flowers are in, now is a good time to get your garden together.  With it staying warm in the Midwest until November last year, we had plenty of tomatoes and peppers that we couldn’t even finish, so if you start now, you can have vegetables coming out your ears for months to come.  For the price of only a few dollars to plant everything, that far outweighs the cost of fresh produce at a normal market.

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