Why Your Next Vacation Should be in the City

Why is it that most people think that to truly relax during their vacation they must fly off to a tropical location and hibernate on the beach while drinking pina coladas? Most people don’t even consider urban destinations when planning a retreat, preferring instead remote, “quiet” locations where there is little to do and little to “distract them” from their primary mission: to recharge their batteries.

However, we have a few reasons why spending your next planned vacation in an urban center might not even be that bad, neither for your downtime nor your wallet.

  1. Easier Travel

Travel can be stressful, especially when it involves transferring modes of transportation during which time it is easy to misplace something, timelines can conflict and stress ensue. This becomes an even greater issue when your final destination is somewhere out in the middle of nowhere with limited transportation options. Getting to a location like this usually requires either a car rental, using expensive and infrequent public transportation, or hiring a taxi driver that can just blow a hole in your vacation budget. Make sure that you factor in the complete price of transportation to and from your location when you decide on your destination, including flights, shuttles, and transportation to your accommodation.

Urban destinations are often in close proximity to airports, and large cities might even have cheaper fares for major routes. Getting to your hotel, apartment, or even friend’s house might be easier than getting to a remote cabin in the mountains.

  1. Flexibility

Staying in a small town or village means that you won’t have the flexibility that a large city provides. You have more options for restaurants, can access more stores, or even travel on day trips more easily without the hassle of driving. Staying in a remote location forces you to be very prepared for any situation, whether that is a craving for chips or something more serious like a power outage.

When you are in an urban center, you are more likely to find a 24-hour grocery or drugstore, a restaurant that is open late for those midnight munchies, and even a place of worship that reflects your faith views. No need to stress about making it “in time” for everything, there are plenty of options for you to take advantage of.

  1. Amenities

After a day or two of sleeping in, lounging around, and watching the sunset, you might start getting a little antsy or bored. It’s exactly this itch which drives people to get into a state in which they want the days to go by faster, something that is not an indicator of time well spent. Now if you do want to do something a little more “exciting”, like see a movie or go bowling, you are going to have to go out of your way and probably pay a premium due to lack of competition.

On the other hand, vacationing in the city gives you more options. You can stroll through the city’s parks, lunch in any café that you pass, and do something that you really enjoy in the evening. Here you can attend a live theatre performance, visit a gallery, or even visit a unique urban spa, open, focusing on relaxation, well-being, leisure and entertainment. Thanks to competition in the city, you can find some very good deals, and it might be worth browsing the local Groupon selection when you’re there for some coupons for entertainment and dining options.

Though some think of vacationing in the city a little backwards, you always have the option to turn it from a sightseeing visit to a relaxing urban retreat. However, as always, do the math before you go but don’t forget to factor in your well-being and ability to refresh yourself into your decision.

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