Mortgage Payoff Update – 6 Months Left

If you’ve been following along on my journey to FI you are aware that the first major hurdle is getting our mortgage out of the way. I’ve written extensively about how we’ve learned what kind of house we need, and how we’re rejecting the notion that we need to keep up with the Joneses next door, and that has paved the way for us to pursue this mortgage payoff plan.

Well, I’m excited to say that our strategy has been working wonderfully and we’re only 6 months away from owning our house outright, just after I turn 33 years old!

What does that mean for our future?

Well, for starters it means that over $2000/month will be freed up for other uses, like investing or starting a business. It also means that our exposure to risk is WAY less if we were to experience a job loss, recession in the economy, or another unlocked-for challenge.

It also means that my goal of spending more time investing into my kids is much more feasible. I’ll have leverage to better dictate how I spend my time.

Speaking of whom, I need to hop off the computer, head home from the coffee shop, and take them out for a little bit of “Daddy time” this morning. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!