Man Club: My New Favorite Christmas Tradition


man clubThis morning I’m headed to my parents’ house to continue a Christmas tradition that’s become one of my favorites. The men in my family will sit around the breakfast table for a few hours and discuss life together.

We call it “Man Club”.

It may sound silly to some, but here’s what I love about it: my dad is almost 60 years old and is full of wisdom. He loves to get his sons together and talk about what he’s learning, and discuss the challenges that we’re facing with us.

I have 3 brothers and a brother-in-law, and we’re all in different phases of life. It’s really cool to be able to share experiences and insights with them, and gain perspective on life at the same time.

My brother-in-law and I are both in our mid-30’s, and have kids. My next-oldest brother lives almost 1,000 miles away and isn’t married yet (we’ll be attempting to have him join us via Skype). The next oldest brother is 21 years old and is landscaping full time, trying to put himself through school. The youngest brother (and the baby of the family) is 15 years old, and is trying to “get a life”, and figure out what he wants to do after high school.

My dad has always been very entrepreneurial-minded, helping us each to discover what kind of job or business makes us tick. It’s awesome to hear his influence working its way through the thinking of all my brothers, and hear what kind of business ideas they’ve come up with over the last year. Business is always a topic we get into, no matter the gathering or time of year.

He’s also a strong spiritual leader, and we’ll spend some time discussing where we’ve been growing as individuals this past year, and hear what he’s been learning as well. This topic can be the most uncomfortable, but is almost always the most memorable and impactful.

The whole event is really just a bit of time set aside to spend chatting with “the guys”, swapping stories and experiences, and encourage each other to reach for new heights in all areas of our lives. As I’ve written about, we need to share our stories with others, and Man Club has become a great way for my dad, my brothers and I to do just that.

So that’s my new favorite Christmas tradition, what’s yours? I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!