Low-Budget Ways to Redecorate Your Home

The season is changing and soon that wonderful spring smell will be in the air, infecting us all with a lifting of the spirits, and putting a bounce in our step. However, for many this also brings on the reaction to launch into spring cleaning mode, and along with it, spring redecorating.

We all want to feel good in our homes, and often just the staging and décor of a space can give it a complete facelift, not only making it more pleasant to be in, but creating an illusion of increased value. This is especially important if we are planning on selling our home in the next season or so, but also a nice change for just us to enjoy.

If you have ever walked into an interior decorating store or have ever had a consultation by a professional home stylist, you’ll know that these seasonal “changes”, even if cosmetic, can cost a pretty penny, sometimes completely throwing our budget off-track. However, there are a couple of tricks you can use to give your home a spring “refresh” without breaking the bank.

  1. Get a New Doormat

Over the winter, our doormats tend to get some heavy-duty use, and by the springtime are usually in pretty bad shape. Between the heavy winter boots and loads of corrosive salt build-up, you’ll want something a bit lighter for spring. Remember, however, that spring can tend to get quite muddy, so you might want to stick to darker colors and experiment instead with the shape. Some places even allow you to work with designers for a doormat to your image. Let us tell you, it’s definitely a cheaper fix than replacing the porch or the entrance door.

  1. Improve your Cushion Game

Most people see cushions are frivolous, and frankly, useless, however every interior decorator will agree on the immense power of a cushion. Cushions add a coziness to the room, and are often the perfect thing to go “crazy” with for impact or as an accent element to your overall look or aesthetic. As you only really need to change the covers, which in most cases are quite inexpensive, it’s something you can afford to change up every season. That definitely cannot be said about the couch or the coffee table.

  1. Add Greenery

Plants are a fun, healthy, and affordable way to add some style to your home. Choose hearty species which are easy to maintain and will last you a while without much additional work or extra expenses like fertilizer, etc. Spring is actually a very natural time to infuse some nature into your home, and you’ll instantly see how much more livable it will look. The extra oxygen levels are nice as well, take advantage!

  1. Rearrange

Sometimes it’s not even about getting something new, as much as it’s about working with what you have. Rearrange the setup of your room by moving some furniture around, switch your dining room rug with the one in your living room, and take the lamp from your bedroom to your rec room and vice versa. In some situations, you will find that a big piece of furniture is redundant, or can be repurposed in another capacity through a fun, DIY project. Trick your eyes into thinking you got a completely new home.

It’s up to you how you would like to handle your urge to give your home an injection of spring energy. However, if the budget is a concern, you’ll have to get creative to see a real and stylish impact to your home. What are some of your budget home decorating tricks?

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