What To Know Before You Buy A Hybrid SUV

In the age where fuel economy ranks high on the list of things desired in a new car, you can still get an SUV and save money on gas. If fuel efficiency is high on your list when buying a car, look no further. When it comes to finding a spacious SUV with leg room and all the amenities, you can still go hybrid for less. We’ve got just the advice you need when it comes to buying an SUV that saves you money on fuel.

Is A Used Hybrid A Good Deal

A Hybrid is a vehicle and the fact remains that hybrid cars will depreciate in value. So is a used hybrid a better deal? According to Edmunds, “In many cases, the hybrid technology premium that made them so costly when they were new has diminished considerably. Given that most of them also still deliver the excellent mpg for which they were designed, used hybrids can be great deals for car shoppers who are willing to do a little extra homework and can compromise on selection.” That comparison is so easy when you use www.cars.com to sift through all of the new and used Hybrid SUVs. You’ll get all the facts on each car in one convenient place.

Do Your Research on Hybrid SUVs

Hybrids have a range of fuel economy. Larger vehicles obviously get less gas mileage per gallon than an economy car, but it’s still possible to find an SUV that gets 30 mpg or more. Combine that with an SUV that has a large tax credit and low interest rate – and you’ve got one seriously money saving vehicle. It’s not hard to find, but you will have to commit to doing a lot of research. People who rush into buying what looks good on paper usually come out upside down. Hybrid SUVs are super easy to compare, you just have to be willing to put the time in.

Look At Total Cost

The total cost of the vehicle combined with the mpg should be a huge factor in whether or not it’s an economical buy. You’ll want to factor in all tax credits and incentives offered before you calculate price. That will require a little bit of research too, but it’s easy to just be upfront with a dealer and ask for total cost with incentives before you rush into buying. That’s the other thing – don’t let a dealer rush you into a deal that looks good. If you talk to the dealer and carefully consider the deal, you may find that the interest rate is so high that it’s not a good deal at all.

Be All About Price

That final price should be what you are all about. Hybrid SUVs, especially new Hybrid SUVs, can be on the pricer side of cars. Consider sacrificing leg room for savings. You can cut corners if you look at fuel efficient SUVs that have a lower sticker price, too. They might not be as roomy, but you may even get fuel economy of 33 mpg and up on something like a Toyota Rav4 Hybrid SUV instead of a Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV.

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