January In Review – Income/Expense And Net Worth

Happy Super-weekend everyone, I hope you have plans to enjoy some time with friends, family, or both while you watch the big game tomorrow.

If you missed my post from Thursday, January was something else for me. I’ve felt a little out of touch with the world due to a server crash we had at work and some extra hours I’ve been putting into my new side-hustle, IT consulting.

However, the month rolled on, things are beginning to settle down, and I’m excited to be putting ‘pen to paper’ once again. Aaand we’ll start February off with a monthly update.


January In Review

januaryJanuary income was up, even though I thought December was an incredible month! My company had a quarterly bonus system last year, and the Q4 bonuses were paid out in January. They were great! Not only that, but I started pulling in a little money for my side-hustle, which added to the extra. I was able to drop quite a bit more into our 2/1 mortgage payment, which is exciting!

December expenses were A-OK. It’s hard to spend any money when all you did was work your tail off all month, and my wife and kids were their perfectly responsible selves, as usual. That means that all the extra money we earned this month will be rolling into the mortgage!

The Mortgage is something I’m very excited about. I wrote a few weeks ago about 2014 being the year we pay the mortgage off, even though previously we were thinking it would be mid-2015. That’s because not only and I’m doing some side-hustling, but my company has changed our compensation plan to eliminate quarterly bonuses, and to pay us extra to compensate. This makes it easier for us to plan for our mortgage payments, and we’ve targeted December 1st as our final payment date. Woohoo!


Mortgage Payoff Timeline Update


Net Worth Update

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 Income/Expense and Net Worth charts created using YNAB.