Interior design: are you able to fog a mirror?

A good choice expressed through the purchase of mirrors gives new life to the old flat. It is likely to transform the Cinderella’s closet full of lumber into the respectable room. The only thing you need to take into account is the right form and pattern embodied in the mirror. Today we are going to talk about the rules indicating how to make a flat look better with the help of the mirrors.

What is out of bounds?

It is astonishing to hear but many interior design proposals are based… on the proverbs that harkens back to old times! Truly, such grass-root traditions became a source of many pieces of advice provided even by the modern designers. Being old faithful, they are, certainly, worth attention.

Our ancestors who believed in the power of nature made a list of regulations how to reside happily in the shelter. If one believes in the superstitions, he had better listen to the ancient tales.

For instance, it is well-known that mirrors bring benevolent energy to any parts of the house except for the bedroom. It is now evidently approved why old people were convinced in it, but they had assured further generations that bedroom mirrors were able to destroy the family happiness.

According to Chinese philosophy Chi, the mirror also should not hang in front of the bedroom door as the energy coming outside would be confused. Such a mysterious explanation is added with the customs not to put mirror on the floor near the verily bed. Old tales recalled stories when people waking up at night looked into such mirrors and transformed into the ghosts.

Even though not everyone is interested in mystical movements, it is interesting to know for every all-rounder that is immersed into the history of interior design.

Rules of successful interior composition

The interior design obeys to several rules that make an influence on the beauty of the house. Thus, if one wants to have up-to-date interior decisions, he has to follow some simple rules.

  • All the mirror surfaces in the apartment ought to be places in such a way to make every family member see his or her head completely;
  • Even though nowadays it became quite fashionable to choose mirror ceiling, do not forget to mull over the option how to forget it in case you are tired of that;
  • It is strongly recommended not to choose the mirror made from several pieces as the reflection in them is separated into some parts what cannot encourage the sense of personal integrity;
  • Pay attention how the bed is standing in your bedroom as it does not have to reflect in the mirrors;
  • In case you have decided to place a pattern on the surface of the mirror, leave some place for your reflection.

Having told about the composition of verily mirror, it is of crucial importance to mention that necessity of right furniture placement. For instance, one does not need to put the source of light above or behind the mirror. Such a no-win position is able to give additional age to your face or make emphasis on the tiredness of facial expressions.

The rules of fashionable interior composition also prescribe not to place two mirrors in front of each other. In such a case it could lead to the mirror corridor in the eternity. Having created such a space in your interior, you are able to face something mysterious and unusual even in your life. At least, many modern designers are against such a decision.

Yet, you have to remember that the design is intended to delight the eye and soul, so, in case you do not find anything suitable in the store, you are always able to build your own custom framed mirror through a wide range of models proposed by numerous services.

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