Increasing Your House’s Value by Fixing up Just One Room

They say that in life, you can’t cut corners. That might be true for some, however if you are very savvy, there are ways to make money without putting in too much cash. It might sound like a far-off dream or a scammy email, but there are some real-life things that you can accomplish with assets you own right now which can bring you a hefty return, even if not right away.

One of these things is investing into the renovation of your home. A house or condo is usually an adult’s biggest asset and investment in a lifetime. And though it’s normal to treat your house as your home and a place in which you live, it can be so much more than that. No one said that you have to start flipping houses and moving every few months, however, updating your home to increase its value is never a poor decision.

Warning: there are upgrades which take years to pay off or don’t get as good of a return as others, however there are a few sure renovations which will inevitably increase the value of your home, and no one has to know how much it cost you.

If you are looking for one, simple project that can land you thousands of dollars of resale value, it’s time to take a look at your kitchen.

A kitchen is more than just a place to cook in. In most families, it’s the command center, the heart of the home, and a place of gathering. Buyers want big, open kitchens with lots of counter space, plenty of storage, and stylish décor, and that’s something that you can give them without having to spend a fortune.

Obviously, some of us are handier than others, but there are plenty of ways that you can cut costs by doing work yourself, even if your skills are a little lacking. Install new cabinets if you need more storage space, alternatively if you just want to spruce up the place, consider just changing the doors for a more modern look. Putting down new flooring or a contemporary backsplash isn’t hard once you get the hang of it, and you can choose from a collection of ceramic and tile products at great prices, having full control of the style and the budget.

Countertops can be tricky, but there are plenty of good quality countertops mimicking stone patterns which you can buy and have installed for a fraction of the price of a granite or marble slab. However, if this is a selling feature which you want to have, consider having some of the kitchen surfaces laminate and a granite island or peninsula. This way you get some of the high-end stuff without paying the full high-end price tag.

Kitchens can get dirty quickly, especially if you have children. Giving the area a fresh coat of paint will cover any greasy finger smears, tomato sauce splashes, or other normal life occurrences. You’ll be amazed at how much cleaner and newer the place will look with so little effort.

Finally, install some nice lighting. Though it’s never the first thing you notice in a room, beautiful and well-placed lighting fixtures give a space a luxurious look. Find something that goes well with your kitchen décor and see if you can get a good discount on some high-quality fixtures or look for a second hand set online. You’ll be surprised at the lighting selection and options.

Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that a kitchen reno can be done in a day, however by doing as much as possible yourself and salvaging what you have, you can increase the value of your home without a big budget. What are your kitchen plans?

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