Happy First Birthday FI Journey!

One year ago today I started blogging, with the intention of sharing as much as I could about what I’d been learning and putting into practice in my own life; namely responsible money management and the path to financial independence. Even as I endeavored to educate others in these areas, I feel like I’ve learned more than ever over the last year.

The road to financial independence is a winding one, and my own plans have changed a little bit recently. I started the year off committed to reaching FI as soon as possible, mostly through my full time job. Since then I’ve had several business opportunities arise, been blessed by the imminent arrival (any day now!) of child #3, and started to question my own resolve when it comes to my financial independence goal.

But looking back, wrestling with these questions has been nothing short of awesome. I’ve gained many insights from you, the readers of this blog, that have aided my decision-making and perspective. I am enjoying sharing this journey with you all and look forward to what the next 12 months has in store.

Happy first birthday!



FI Pilgrim