Family violence: how to survive in the personal hell

It has been so far from her life. Jane heard the awful stories where evil husbands hit their humble wives and remained without punishment. Jane even knew some people from her groupmates who used to hide themselves from the infuriated parents in the rooms holding the door with their last ounce of strength. She had never predicted it could happen with her.

The real disaster

When it started, the occasion resembled a complete mess for Jane. Her father who had been a calm person had several problems with her mother. The quarrels turned into the blazing rows, and it became more and more outrageous to look how her parents stood squabbling.

Two close people of a girl were fighting to such an extent that she had to hide the knives in order to prevent the disaster. She remembered terrible words that burned into her memory as well as her weak disability to oppose family violence.

Having studied at university, she had neither additional finances to rent a separated flat not possibility to get a work and earn some money. It seemed, she was in the trap. All that her friends advised to her was to find a room in the block of flats and share it with someone. Nevertheless, all those suggestions could never solve the main problem she had got. She might have protected herself, but she was not able to defend her dearest people.

If it weren’t for bad luck, have no luck at all

An old proverb says a blessing could be in disguise.

The hell of family violence burst unexpectedly and stopped when nobody waited for that. The death of Jane’s grandfather left a lasting impression on her father’s behavior, and he gave up a flood of destructive aggression in the side of her mother.

Even though her parents succeeded in overcoming this terrible family crisis and saved the family, she could not get rid of the anguish for a couple of the next years.

What should everybody know?

While trying to analyze everything that happened with her, Jane came to certain conclusions which she shared with me. I was deeply touched by her story, and decided to study the relevance of this topic nowadays.

Suddenly, I found out that the legislative system of different countries is not perfect at all, and there are some places where the family violence is not forbidden. Consequently, in the developing countries it is quite hard to find out the correct way how to cope with the family violence.

One more gap which I have figured out for myself included information that when a woman faces a family violence, she is not always sure what it is.

It could begin with the abusive words, physical actions intended to make harm, sexual violence, emotional pressure or even attempts to control the financial side of family life.

It always seems that it is not about your beloved person. The books, definitely, write about others. If only it could be like that.

Time to make a decision

Well, when is it time to ask yourself a question if your family like is not going to slide back to the abyss of violence?

The first signs to mention could become pushing, stabbing, locking in the room, throwing objects in a person, sexual activity without your desire, etc. The last but not the least important are the methods of psychological pressure that should be equal to the ways of driving to frenzy or even suicide.

Where to ask for help

It is well-known that Canada has a good legislation system that considers all the aforementioned reflections of family violence as the crimes committed. So, if you are not convinced what to do and how to defend yourself, you are always able to apply for a team of Montreal-based lawyers specialized in divorce and custody cases, and they will help you in any difficult situations.

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