Factors to Consider Before Buying Exterior Doors

The front door of your house is what creates the first impression to visitors. For this reason, it is important that this exterior door looks stylish and matches the overall design of the premise. To make sure the house looks good, the door should be installed properly too. The market caters an unparalleled range of exterior doors to suit all tastes, budgets and requirements.

Before you choose a door, you must consider a few factors. A final decision should only be taken after considering the material, design and security of the exterior door.

Key Factors To Consider Before Buying Exterior Doors

  1. Material

Exterior doors are usually made of steel, wood or fiberglass. Each of these vary greatly from each other but have their unique features.

  • Steel: Most people who want to seek an exterior door that is affordable opt for this option. In addition to being the economical option, it provides durability and strength.

In fact, these door suitable for all climates. Some people complain about rust       but the doors can be easily treated to make them rust resistant. As these            require very little care, you can maintain them easily.

  • Wood: Wooden doors are gorgeous. Different kinds of wood used to make exterior doors include alder, fir, pine, and mahogany.

The option to choose from these allows you to choose from various designs          and advantages. Wooden designs give an unique appearance.

  • Fiberglass: If you like how genuine wood looks and feels, but want a weather-resistant door, fiberglass is a great option. It can withstand all types of weather and so you do not have to worry that the door will collapse.
  1. Design

As already mentioned, appearance of the door is just as important as the material. While the designs vary based on company, some of the most common options are:

  • Swing: In-swing and out-swing doors are named after the direction in which the doors open. Even though most exterior doors are in-swing door, some people request manufacturers to make an out-swing door.


  • Glass: As the name suggests, these have glass panels. You can choose whether the door will provide full view of the outside or not. Other options are ¾ view, half view, or ¼ view.


You can choose different types of glass to meet your taste and the overall exterior design. Some of the options are clear, tinted, decorative, and textured glass. These doors are specifically designed to provide you a clear view of the entry area.


  • Hinges: Hinged doors have hinges on different sides. You can choose to place the hinges on either the right or left side. Out-swing doors usually have hinges on the left side while in-swing doors have hinges on the right side. While this is what most people choose, you can place the hinge on any side.

Design Your Custom Exterior Door

If you do not like the material and design of the exterior doors that are available in the market, there is always the option to customize your own door. You may choose from a wide range of materials and colors. Most people select steel or fiberglass doors, and some even get arches designed.

Even though this technique is slightly more expensive, you can get a door that is especially tailored to meet your needs and preferences.

While these are some of the most common options you can consider when shopping for an exterior door, another important factor to consider is the manufacturer. Buy from a reputed brand and enjoy great product quality. Renowned companies will offer impressive value for money.

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