Capitalizing on Your Outdoor Space

There are a couple of reasons why the real estate market always seems to heat up around the summer months. Apart from the summer break being in session and kids being out of school, meaning parents find it easier to move their families, the season shows off an important part of every property: the lot. Unless you are looking at a condo or a small townhouse with no yard, most home-buyers are on the lookout for a beautiful house with a desirable outdoor space. It’s nice to have somewhere to barbeque, dine alfresco, and plant a little garden to enjoy in the summer months.

If you are looking to sell your home in the spring or summer months, you have the potential to boost the value of your home by dedicating a little tender love and care to your front and back yard. Yes, professional landscaping services can be expensive, however, you’ll find that you will receive your return on investment within very little if no time in terms of property value.

Here are a couple of things that buyers are on the lookout for:

  • A deck or patio space

Even if your yard is quite small, it needs a patio or a deck. This makes it easier to entertain, cook, and set up furniture outside. Depending on your budget and the elevation of your yard, you might opt for a wooden deck, either flush on the ground or raised to match your walk out, or alternatively a paved patio. Remember that you need a relatively level space to construct your outdoor real estate on, so if you don’t already have that set, you’ll have to employ a company offering high quality earthmoving and pavement services. Once you have your deck or patio, you can create a very comfortable outdoor living space that buyers won’t be able to forget.

  • Low Maintenance

We are all happy to hear that you really relax when gardening and tinkering in the yard gives you absolute pleasure. However, those who are looking at your masterpiece might just think- “wow- that’s a lot of work”. Remember that not everyone will share your passion for gardening, and if you are planning to sell, prepare your yard to be as low maintenance as possible. Plant perennials which require little pruning, consider using cedar chips or gravel in the front yard instead of vast amounts of grass, and planting your veggies in raised boxes so that you can take them with you when you leave. However, this doesn’t mean that your outdoor area should look drab or unkempt- quite the opposite! However, make it clear in your listing that the yard requires very little regular maintenance.

  • Fence

The idea of having a yard is that you have some private space of your own in which you can use as you wish, whether for entertaining, relaxing, or even working out. Most people will insist that privacy is an imperative component of having a yard and that usually involves having a fence. This is especially important to families with younger children or pets which are used to running free in an enclosed area. Before you post the listing, you might want to consider talking to your neighbors and fencing in your yard. It will give a more intimate feel to your backyard space and warrant a premium from interested buyers.

A nice yard has become a rare commodity in many places, especially closer to urban centers, and buyers are willing to pay more for outdoor spaces which can be a private oasis for their busy lives. Prime your home for higher-end clients by transforming your outdoor space to something which would satisfy all their needs: an entertainment space, a minimal burden on their busy lives, and a private area for enjoying the fresh air. Though it might seem backwards to invest into your property right before a sale, in this hot market, your outdoor elements might just be the trigger to a multiple-offer, over-asking-price sale scenario.

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