The blazes: global problems that are burning in fire

At the beginning of May, 2017 in China the biggest in the world plane built with an aim to tackle blazes was tested. It seems, this innovation is going to do a favor to the international community that is tired of inability to cope with the fire. Is it difficult to deal with the unexpected deflagration? We are going to study this issue in the following feature.

A great future lies with technical progress

Innovations are, definitely, going to be the thing of the nearest future.

For instance, in Chinese city Zhuhai the hydro plane AG 600 has been tested. This 37-meter plane is able to carry such an enormous amount of cargo as 63.6 tons, as it is reported.

The pilots who had been spending a lot of time on revision of the plane’s functioning testified that this machine works perfectly even despite its giant size. The main constructor hopes this mechanism will work like a charm while tackling the blazes.

Moreover, it is largely comparable with the ship that is likely to fly. Such a fantastic combination makes wonders come true, and, certainly, will make a significant contribution into the global fight with blazes.

How blazes affect international communities badly

Every summer large cities suffer a lot because of blazing attacks. For instance, last year in California more than 80 thousand people had to leave houses that had been engulfed in flames.  It was leading to evacuation and blocking of roads.

In total, in the area of evacuation more than 34.5 thousand houses appeared. For a long time it was hard to define if the fire touched residential houses or they were desolated constructions.

The blazes also raged in the forests of California. Exactly, they destroyed 13 thousand hectares of the wood. This disaster made owners of more than 10 thousand houses leave their properties. In the meantime, nearly 20 thousand citizens of California had to evacuate to save their lives.

The next example is also worth attention. Recently, the explosion and black smoke have become the reason of a blaze in the center of Canadian provincial capital Toronto which is famous for the biggest population. Particularly, the fire started in the district where financial institutes are located. Because of good firefighting work, nobody suffered. The police investigation made it possible to reveal the reasons of what has happened.

They said, at the crossroads between King and Jung Streets there had been a voltage surge in the panelboard what led to the fire. By the way, the experts in this area claim that supplier and installator of fire pumps and fire systems could help to prevent the similar incidents in the future.

Is the situation going better?

The knowledge of real figures that indicate how many blazes happen in a year would help to get rid of such frustrating events.

For instance, in the world there are more than 220 countries where almost 7 billion people reside. Annually approximately 7-8 million blazes occur and make 89-90 thousand people die. Such global losses encouraged the creating of world center of blazes statistics in 1981 with the headquarter located in Geneva.

They usually pay attention to the number of blazes in different countries. For instance, the USA suffers from 1.5-1.6 million blazes per a year while the number of 100-600 thousand is inherent to the Great Britain, France, Argentina, Russia, Poland, China, India, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, and Australia.

The harmful figures of 20-100 thousand blazes annually penetrated into the lives of citizens residing in Japan, Indonesia, Turkey, Canada, South Republic of Africa, Malaysia, Netherlands, Ukraine, Spain and Iran.

The stated numbers are getting lower (from 10 to 20 thousand in a year) when it takes to such countries as Thailand, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Romania, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Czech Republic, Belgium, Serbia, Denmark, and Finland.

The outlined figures help to identify if there are any consequences in the appearance of blazes. Consequently, it is able to remove the problem, at least, partly.

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