August In Review – Income/Expense and Net Worth

Football and moneyIt’s September everyone! Wowee, are the weeks flying by right now or what? I hope you all enjoyed your summer and that your football team started the season off better than mine has…

The big news around my house is that my newborn daughter just slept for 6 straight hours during the night. Six hours! That’s an absolute eternity compared to the last month and a half since she was born, and my wife and I feel like new people. I’m hoping to start weaning myself off the caffeine IV I’ve been on recently.

2015 is rapidly approaching, and I’m both excited and scared of it. Excited because before then we’ll have paid off our mortgage, and scared because of my career plans that are in the works. I’m already being pulled in several different directions, and am busy with a pretty big software development project at work, so I’m ready for 2015 to make its appearance already!

My wife and 2 other kids continue to be a joy for me to be around. We’ve been able to spend some time together riding bikes at a local members-only nature park, and I hope to continue that even though football season is here. Note to self… turn off the TV!

August Financials In Review

august inc expAugust income was lower than it has been lately, but that’s because I didn’t take anything out of my business account this month. I need to get better about this, but I’ve recently been keeping money in there just to save it. I’d like to set up a small payment schedule and take a salary out as I get closer to next year, just to keep it clean.

August expenses were rough! When mom isn’t available to cook for dad and the kids, we end up spending a lot more on quick food at the grocery, or restaurants. We spent more than double our normal level on eating out ($250 instead of $120). We’ll do better in September! Still, we made good progress on our savings goals regardless.

The Mortgage marches steadily on. 4 payments left!!

The Net Worth cleared $190k for the first time, that’s exciting to me for some reason. By the end of the year we should be around $200k.


Mortgage Payoff Timeline Update

august mortgage

Net Worth Update

august net worth


As always, my Income/Expense and Net Worth charts were created using my favorite personal finance software: YNAB. You can read my review of it here.